Dating sire senior

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Dating sire senior

Stillness is intimately related to speech and the word.The word is a thing of mystery, so volatile that it van­ishes almost on the lip, yet so powerful that it decides fates and determines the meaning of existence.There is sometimes a pause in the midst of a lecture or a service or some public function.Almost invariably someone promptly coughs or clears his throat.I would even suggest that preparation for holy stillness re­ally begins the day before.Liturgically, Saturday evening already belongs to the Sunday.We must learn and practice the art of constructing spiritual cathedrals. Not for noth­ing do these reflections on the Liturgy open with it.If someone were to ask me what the liturgical life begins with, I should answer: with learning stillness. Our understand­ing of stillness is nothing strange or aesthetic.

People are often heard to say: “But I can’t help coughing” or “I can’t kneel quietly”; yet once stirred by a concert or lecture they forget all about coughing and fidgeting.

He is experiencing stillness as a breach in the unwinding road of speech and sound, which he attempts to fill with something, anything.

For him the stillness was only a lacuna, a void that gave him a sense of disorder and discomfort. Stillness is the tranquillity of the inner life, the quiet at the depths of its hidden stream.

If — for instance, after suitable reading — we were to collect ourselves for a brief period of composure, its effects the next day would be evident.

Thus far we have discussed stillness negatively: no speech, no sound.

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