My strange addiction blood drinker online dating

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My strange addiction blood drinker online dating

When your spirit communication is complete make sure to close with another prayer to seal off your space and close the session.Make sure to ground yourself and energetically clear the room before attempting to make contact with spirit.If you are fearful on any level, make sure to read books and speak to others who can educate you about the process and make you more comfortable.Just as you must make sure you are positive and healthy when dealing with spirits, you must also drive out all fear, as harboring fear may attract entities that wish to play upon that fear.If you want to make contact because you think it’s cool, have a fascination with death, want to frighten people or simply want to boast about it to others, you are doing it for the wrong reason.

Learn to differentiate between these energies and take heed of them.

In other words, it is easier for us to do it wrong and to get it wrong.

Be well rested and physically sound before attempting to work with spirits.

It is better to work with high-level entities such as angels and spirit guides.

Remember, earthbound spirits are simply people who are dead.

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Those spirits may be mischievous or even malicious and can cause us far more trouble than we ever anticipated.