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Actually, put differently, she would be asking her husband to marry her sister.” Achola adds that in case of proven barrenness on the part of a woman, the husband is given the green light to choose one of their sisters or cousins to join their marriage for the purposes of bearing children.“Besides love, this was also a social control measure to avoid such a husband landing in trouble by marrying a second wife with questionable character such as a witch, a night runner or those with many other undesirable character traits like thuggery.Why would we pull chairs for a lady, something we only do for the sick or the elderly?” wonders Amwayi, who insists if someone is to rate how loving and romantic he is, they must use local and cultural variables and not soap opera standards.What’s more, we don’t watch soap operas, where we could get titbits on romantic love.Those romance or love concepts are alien and hardly make sense to the African man,” whines Godwin Amwayi, a city resident who subscribes to the view that romantic love is a unique to Mzungu culture.

“Let’s face it; our women are expecting champagne experience on a beer budget! ALSO READ: Our Man Crush Monday this Christmas: Sonstar Peterson Despite modernity and infiltration of Western romantic love into Africa, some men insisted they prefer love expressed the African way.

However, the good professor is quick to clarify: “Africans, by virtue of being very rich in connotations and euphemism, hardly communicated this message directly.

It is common to hear a dying woman, out of love, request one of her beautiful sisters to “take care of or look after” her children.

“In some instances, when such wives suspect their rich and generous husbands might marry from elsewhere, they uniquely shower them with love by offering their own sisters or relatives in a bid to spread wealth within their family.

Some husbands are well-behaved, and treat their wives very well.

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Such women recommend their own, seeing as their families had already been given a clean bill of health during courtship, so to speak,” the sociologist says.

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