Strtolower online dating

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Strtolower online dating

Behind the scenes, however, this script writes the visitor's IP to the database and resolves their IP-to-location data.This is the best strategy in organizing the back-end, as we keep the calls to the API (which are quite time expensive) distributed to each user as they visit the site for the first time.

This would mean to resolve a huge number of IPs simultaneously, which would make the script unresponsive and get us black-listed from the API. You can queue the Hostip's API by opening a connection to a URL similar to this: It returns a valid XML response, which contains all sorts of data, including a country and city name associated with the IP, country abbreviation and even absolute coordinates.The panel div is dynamically filled by AJAX with the countries with the most visitors currently online.The default content of this div is a rotating gif preloader, which is replaced with the geo data once the AJAX request is complete (usually in less than a second). Unlike the usual routine, here we are going to take a look at how the database is structured, as it is fundamental to the rest of the script.The widget features a slick slide-out panel with all the geolocation data, shown on mouse over.As you may see from the markup above, the main container div - "online Widget" contains the slide-out panel (the div with class name "panel"), the total number of people online (the "count" div), the "online" label and the green arrow to the right.

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My boss is always coming into my office asking me to install things on our client's sites.