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After many centuries, with the increased Western awareness of Eastern history and philosophy, and the development of Islam, other religions were added to the list.Many Far Eastern ways of thought, in fact, were given the status of "world religion" while equally advanced religious cultures in technologically less developed or pre-literate societies (such as in Australia, Africa, South America, and Polynesia) were grouped together as pagans or "animists," regardless of their actual theology."There is a sentimental love affair between western intellectuals and India based on a complete misreading of the Indian philosophy of life.But already New Delhi's system is being hailed as a political, managerial and engineering triumph. 24, on budget and on time a rarity in Indian public works projects.Not least, over the last four and a half years, much of the sprawling system has been built in, above and beneath some of the most densely populated square miles on earth.

Passengers board quickly and quietly at stations that are clean and airy, with graceful 30-foot arched ceilings and computerized entryways.Yet it may actually be the latest arrest, that of Maulana Hussein Umarji, 55, on February 6 that signals a turning point.Umarji, a prominent leader of the Deobandi-Tableegh Jamaat movement in the Godhra region, has been charged with being part of the conspiracy as well as obstructing investigations by protecting the accused.The act set off a retaliatory carnage, a contentious election and changed the face of Gujarat's politics.Igniting Murder: Umarji apparently directed the conspirators to coach S-6; his arrest has shocked his followers in Gujarat The past year has been, truly, history. As many as 75 of the 121 accused have been arrested by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by the state Government.

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During the day, tens of thousands of cars speed underneath as workers secure the track. Ashok Chowgule, president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Maharashtra region, counters in an email statement that:if this provocation argument has to be accepted, then we have to accept that the terrorist attacks of September 11 on the USA was entirely justified because the terrorists have said that they have been provoked by the policy of the USA'..