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(Thy Black Man.com) Contrary to popular belief, African Americans are by no means a homogeneous population.They are composed of a variety, of now overlapping, but originally much more distinct, ethnic strands.

The Invasion Of Louisiana In late February, 1699, Pierre le Moyne d’Iberville, his brother Jean Baptiste le Moyne de Bienville, and a small group of soldiers, sailors, and artisans dropped anchor in Biloxi Bay.The French brought some of their own presents, and bestowed upon Indian communities the traditional European hospitality, including dysentery, smallpox, cholera, Christianity, horses and pigs, rats and cockroaches.He Kills A Priest The arrival of French colonists set off a chain reaction of disease and dislocation in Indian communities throughout the Gulf Coast area.In coastal South Carolina, there are the Gullah people, and in coastal Georgia the Geechies.(.) The Gullah are said to be descended from the Gola people of Angola, and the Geechies from the Gidzi people of Sierra Leone. The French colonizers of Louisiana were virtually all male.

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After all, they were sworn to friendship through the calumet.

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